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Glove Bat - Everyone Can Play - Webshop


Glove Bat - Everyone Can Play

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What is Glovebat?

Glovebat is friendship in action. Glovebat brings people of all colours and cultures together in a bond of friendship and competitiveness.

Why Glovebat? It speaks a universal language of sport and offers wellbeing.

Who Can Play? Everyone.

The History of Glovebat

" One Christmas whilst playing beach-bat, the handle of my paddle bat broke off. Not wishing to stop playing I decided to play on regardless. As the game went on I realised that the closer my hand was to the ball, the easier it was to play in terms of hand eye co ordination.

Returning home, I decided to design a bat in which my hand could fit into like a glove with two striking surfaces. Using plywood, tie downs and adhesive, the concept of Glovebat was born. Not too long after that Glovebat evolved from a prototype to a product.

A prestigious South African University along with the CSIR were requested to do a study on how not having to hold a handle in terms of using a glovebat would improve hand-eye co-ordination more efficiently. The result of these tests concluded that a table tennis bat can do this equally?

Nevertheless, testing took place before launching. Glovebat was launched at an international surfing event by a cellular network company who were the official sponsor of the event. Glovebat also made its way onto the shelves of an international toy store, a national sporting warehouse, many schools, some beach wear stores whilst one of the largest medical insurance company in the USA used the glovebat as a promotional item.

How is Glovebat played?

By two or more people. The ball must stay in the air and the shots must be counted. The more you play, the more your reflexes are sharpened and hand-eye co-ordination is improved. Eventually distances and accuracy increases between players, all this time you are having fun and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Contact Us At Glove Bat

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For all enquiries, please contact:

Brendan Fourie


Tel: +27 12 651 49 29


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